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The Californian company Patagonia was founded in 1972 by Yvon Chouinard, a nature and mountaineering enthusiast. The adventure began with the sale of ecological climbing equipment and very quickly the company expanded into the sale of clothing.

Research and innovation are at the heart of each collection with light and resistant technical materials in order to offer products adapted to a maximum of activities. The brand manages to differentiate itself from the competition with its colorful collections coming out of the traditional tones of the mountain like green, beige or black, but it is especially its provocative side that allows it to stand out.

An atypical company culture

Within his offices, the founder wants to share his lifestyle and values with his employees, which is why he has set up a system of flexible hours to allow those who wish to go surfing when the weather is good. It also sets up a daycare center for children to relieve its employees.

Employees also have access to training related to environmental issues in order to promote their personal development and awareness. More surprisingly, on a voluntary basis, employees have the possibility to have two months of sabbatical leave per year, entirely financed by the company, to work in an NGO of their choice. 

All these small gestures have enabled the company to be named "the coolest company on the planet" in 2007, a well-deserved award to which is added the acquisition of the status of "Benefit corporation" in 2012, a title given to companies that put social and environmental principles on the same level as the pursuit of profit.

A strong involvement in its own business, but also in external actions.

Since 1995, Patagonia donates 1% of its annual turnover to protect the planet in various environmental associations, a percentage that seems derisory, but that represents more than 38 million dollars collected.

A commitment to simplicity and functionality

Known for its practical and durable outdoor clothing, Patagonia has now managed to differentiate itself and broaden its target by offering its products in different styles. There are 100% hiker looks as well as more urban styles. It is now a leading brand, which has become a reference in terms of style and allows sportswear lovers to adapt technical clothing in their daily life. 

As you can see, buying Patagonia is buying a state of mind! So don't hesitate to come and visit our store or our website to discover the Patagonia collection!