The comeback of the ASICS Gel NYC model

The ASICS Gel NYC is one of the Japanese brand's iconic models. It was first launched in 1999, and since then has enjoyed great success with professional and amateur runners alike.

The ASICS Gel NYC running shoe is designed to offer both comfort and performance. It features gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel to absorb shock during running. This ASICS-patented technology provides a soft, supple feel with every step.

The return of the ASICS Gel NYC model is great news for all running enthusiasts. This shoe is ideal for daily training, road races and marathons. Its rubber outsole offers optimum grip on all surfaces, while its breathable mesh upper ensures good foot ventilation during exercise.

The bright, eye-catching colors of the ASICS Gel NYC model are also very popular with runners. They help you stand out on the track or the road, and add a touch of style to your running gear.

The return of the ASICS Gel NYC model is great news for running enthusiasts. This shoe offers the perfect balance between comfort, performance and style. Thanks to its gel cushioning technology, it brings a soft feel to every stride, while its eye-catching design makes it easy to stand out on the track. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, the ASICS Gel NYC is the ideal choice for training and competition.

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