Salomon’s XT-4 vs XT-6

The XT-4 and XT-6 are arguably the most popular models of the Salomon Advanced line. Originally designed as trail running shoes, the sneakers are now worn as everyday streetwear and have been repositioned by the brand with attractive colorways and exciting collaborations. They are representative of the Gorpcore trend and have won over outdoor enthusiasts as well as sneakerheads. But what exactly is the difference between the two silhouettes? 


The XT-4 and XT-6‘s construction is pretty much identical, with a similar Agile Chassis System midsole and ContraGrip outsole that provide grip and stability over any terrain and under any weather conditions. The shoes both feature light, breathable but rather rugged uppers, and are equipped with Salomon's quick lacing system.



Both models have a lot in common; still, on a performance basis, the XT-6 appears as the winner. The sneaker is lighter with a sleeker design and wins by cause of being the latest of the XT line. It's an evolution from the XT-5, which derives from the XT-4, which comes from the XT Wings. It simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't better than all the previous versions in terms of design and technology.



The main difference between the two silhouettes is the style. They have a different shape and upper design. The XT-4 is the chunkiest of the two models, with more structure around the ankle. It fits slightly different to the XT-6, which has a slimmer profile. It also has a simpler design compared to the XT-6.



Overall, the differences are minimal so it really comes down to personal preference and which shape or colorway catches your attention. In the end, the XT-4 and XT-6 both are solid trail-running shoes and you can easily replace one model with another. 


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