Arcteryx's names : the guide

Did you know that? The Arcteyx brand uses codes to name its products.

The names of the main products of the Arcteryx brand follow a code that indicates their use and their characteristics. By knowing this code, you can easily choose the product that best suits your needs.

Decoding the code: example: ATOM SL HOODY MEN'S

The first indicates the product range.

The second (two-letter code) categorizes the garment in the range.

The third indicates the type of product (jacket, hood, pants, gloves, backpack, etc.). In the case of women's ranges, a W is added at the end. Protections The manufacturer offers three product lines.

Alpha, the most technical, is designed specifically for high-level climbing and mountaineering. These clothes are waterproof and breathable.

The Beta line, on the other hand, is designed for a more versatile use. It is suitable for a wide variety of activities, from skiing to mountaineering.

The Gamma line consists of highly breathable elastic materials designed to resist water and abrasion. These products are often used as a durable outer layer in inclement weather.

The different insulators : Natural VS synthetic

Thorium : Traditional feather clothing. A classic feather with more weight and less agility for activity.

Atom: Versatile thermal clothing with Coreloft fiber fill, thin and light for second layer or as an outer layer in non-wet conditions. These are modern garments with a second or third layer of padding (the equivalent of Beta, but in garments with padding).

The line names (Alpha, Beta, etc.) are followed by two letters that indicate the product series.

The SV (Severe Weather) series is designed with the most durable and resistant materials for prolonged use. It offers maximum protection and durability in the harshest conditions.

The AR (All Round) series offers exceptional performance and protection, with versatile garments suitable for all activities.

The LT (Lightweight) series is made with durable, high-performance materials, while being designed in a minimalist style to achieve very lightweight products.

The FL (Fast and Light) series offers ultralight minimalist products designed for fast and light activities in changing weather conditions.

Finally, the SL (Superlight) series uses the lightest possible materials to provide high protection from the elements, while being very compact, in exchange for shorter durability.

It is essential to systematically check the third part of the product name, because due to the coding system, it often happens that several products have the same name. For example, you can find both a backpack and a jacket called Alpha FL, or gloves, jacket and pants called Alpha AR.