Norda™️: The Alliance of Performance and Sustainability

Norda™️ has made high performance and sustainability its founding pillars. norda™️ firmly believes that these two goals are not only compatible, but essential to redefining the world of trail-running. Its commitment to these values is the key to its success, and it all starts with its use of innovative materials.

Material Innovation: Biosourced Dyneema® Fiber

When it comes to cutting-edge materials, biosourced Dyneema® fiber stands out as the strongest and lightest at monde™️. This revolutionary fiber is the foundation on which the norda™️ 001 upper rests. Why is this so important? Because every runner's performance depends on the quality of his or her shoe.

But norda™️'s commitment doesn't stop there. Biosourced Dyneema® fiber is also a sustainable choice, certified by BlueSign®, which means it meets the most stringent environmental and health standards. By using a mass balance approach, norda™️ ensures that its carbon footprint remains minimal. 75% of the energy used to manufacture Dyneema Fiber® comes from renewable energy sources, helping to save CO2 emissions equivalent to 13,000 vehicles. By choosing norda™️ 001, you choose performance without compromising our planet.

Ultimate Performance: The Vibram® Collaboration

In February 2020, norda™️ began an epic collaboration with Vibram®, the world-renowned sole manufacturer. Its goal was clear: to create the ultimate high-performance trail-running platform.

The result of this collaboration is its norda™️ x Vibram® formation sole, inspired by the Canadian Shield, one of the world's most rugged rock formations. norda™️ has incorporated the topography of the island of Montreal and its environs into its design, offering exceptional fore-aft and lateral grip. Vibram® Litebase® technology guarantees a 30% reduction in total sole weight, enabling norda™️ to run faster and longer. Vibram® Mega Grip® rubber ensures unrivalled durability and traction, whatever the conditions.

The midsole of the norda™️ 001 is designed with Vibram® SLE, offering exceptional cushioning and uncompromising durability. This shoe is truly designed for runners who push their limits.

Uncompromising: Its Unwavering Commitment

Norda™️ is determined to break the boundaries of performance and durability. Its mission, from the very beginning, has been to help every runner enjoy every race, while protecting the natural world that norda™️ cherishes. norda™️ never compromises on these values.

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