New VEJA x MARNI Collab // Limited Collection

Elegant and playful, MARNI is a luxury brand known for its unconventional approach to fashion. While there is a world of difference between the respective worlds of these brands, their unexpected collaboration is all the more original. This new collaboration with VEJA illustrates the brand's commitment to celebrating creativity without any constraints or limits. Between craftsmanship and industrial work, the different pieces were assembled one by one! 

Fun fact: The right foot and the left foot are slightly different, making this model even more original.

The luxury brand has reinterpreted in its own way the V-10 model and the V-15 by Veja by a rough coloring with felt pens of different colors. These brands offer an original interpretation of the contemporary shoe with a colorful design inspired by DIY. The arty and original style of the Italian fashion house can be spotted at first glance, making this collaboration the most desirable of the moment. The detail that does it all? The laces, which have not been left out and which also benefit from a pencil stroke.

Tip: Before wearing for the first time, we recommend waterproofing your shoes with a spray suitable for the material and repeating this operation periodically.


Upper: Leather

Inserts: Leather 

V logo: Leather Insole: Amazon rubber, sugar cane, recycled EVA* and organic cotton 

Outsole: Amazon rubber (31%), rice waste (22%) and recycled rubber (12%) 

Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester) 

Laces: Recycled polyester (100%)

Made in Brazil


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